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As an authorized Auto Connect GPS dealer, you can serve your customers with the industry-leading GPS tracking and vehicle control devices for Personal and Fleet Businesses. We guarantee our products are built to the highest specifications, using only quality components that have been tested under the extreme conditions. We want every AutoConnect GPS customer to receive the most reliable service with innovative products and features. Fill out our form below and pug AutoConnect GPS in your business.

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Control & Track

Control vehicle functions via our AutoConnect smartphone app. Lock or unlock doors, open the trunk, disarm the alarm system, and start your car remotely. With True 2-way technology, you can control and command key vehicle features from whether they are OEM or after-market.

Additionally, track the location of your vehicles, in real-time or historically. See their precise location at any given point in time.

Monitor & Coach

Stay connected with your family. See where they are, where they’ve been, their route history and much more. Create geofences, time restrictions and be alerted via SMS or Email when violations occur.

Coach your young drivers to be safer, with advanced onboard features. Remind them automatically, in real-time, that they are driving to fast or wasting too much fuel. GPS Vehicle Tracking Advanced Reporting

Protect Assets

Protect your weekend fun or the workhourse that gets the job done. Whatever type of asset you want to track, from side-by-sides, to boats, motorcycles and everything in between. Track it with AutoConnect GPS.

Be notified if your asset isbeing towed when it shouldn’t be. Even when your Powersport battery is disconnected, our system goes to sleep and lasts upw to a year, waking up to report if there’s motion